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Please CLICK HERE for an updated list of CLE Numbers for various 2015-2018 CFBLA functions.

(Updated as of 6/1/2018)


The Central Florida Bankruptcy Law Association


CLE Credits for 2015-2018




CLE Number




January 15, 2015 

CFBLA Luncheon – What is Evaluating Truthfulness (1 hr. General) 


February 11, 2015

Brown Bag – Good Faith in Chapter 13 (1 hr. General)


February 19, 2015 

CFBLA Luncheon – State of the District (1 hr. General) 


March 19, 2015

CFBLA Luncheon – Bankruptcy Case Law Update:  Highlights (1 hr. General / 1 hr. Business Lit.)


April 23, 2015

CFBLA Annual Seminar – Bankruptcy in a Recovering Economy (8 hrs. General / 1 hr. Ethics / 6 hrs. Business Lit.)


May 21, 2015

CFBLA Luncheon – Cancellation of Indebtedness Income – A Trap (1 hr. General / 1 hr. Business Lit. / 1 hr. Real Estate)


June 18, 2015

CFBLA Luncheon – Time Barred Mortgages in Bankruptcy by Joseph Towne (1 hr. General / 1 hr. Business Lit. / 1 hr. Real Estate)


July 1, 2015

Brown Bag – Electronic Exhibits – Local Rule 9070-1 and Admin. Order FLMB-2014-6 -


July 16, 2015

CFBLA Luncheon - Use of Appraisals in Litigation by Megan Judd (1 hr. General /1 hrs. Real Estate)


August 20, 2015

CFBLA Luncheon – Bankruptcy and State Court by Judge Alice Blackwell (1 hr. General / 1 hr. Business Lit. / 1 hrs. Civil Trial)


September 2, 2015

Brown Bag – Chapter 13 Uniformity


September 16, 2015

Clerk’s Appreciation Lunch


October 15, 2015

CFBLA Luncheon – David Barilla, Downtown Development


November 19, 2015

CFBLA Luncheon – Caulkett Panel Discussion (1 hr. General)


December 17, 2015



January 21, 2016

CFBLA/FBA - Fifty Years of Justice:  A History of the US District Court for the Middle District of Florida (1.5 hrs. General)


February 18, 2016

CFBLA Luncheon – State of the District (1 hr. General)


February 24, 2016

Brown Bag – Consumer Debt & Student Loans (1 hr. General)


March 24, 2016

CFBLA Luncheon – Case Law Update (1 hr. General / 1 hr. Business Lit.)


April 29, 2016

CFBLA Annual Seminar – (8 hrs. General / 2 hrs. Ethics / 8 hrs. Business Lit


May 19, 2016

CFBLA Luncheon  --   Going Broke:  Past, Present, Future by Douglas Alan Bates (1 hr. General)


June 16, 2016

CFBLA Luncheon – US Bankruptcy Court Judge Roberta Colton (1 hr. General)


July 21, 2016

CFBLA Luncheon – Capturing Unicorns, Collecting Judgment in Florida by Ed Foster (1 hr. General)


August 18, 2016

CFBLA Luncheon – Inclusive Communication by Rachel Luce-Hitt (1 hr. Ethics)


September 14, 2016

CFLBA Luncheon -  Appreciation Luncheon


October 20, 2016

CFBLA Luncheon – Finance, Economics, and Bankruptcy – Lessons Learned by Henry Haddock (1 hr. General/1 hr. Business Lit.)


November 19, 2016

CFBLA Luncheon – Meet the Law Clerks and Overview of MD FL (1 hr. General/1 hr. Business Lit.)


December 15, 2016



January 19, 2017

CFBLA Luncheon – Surcharge (1 hr. General)


February 16, 2017

CFBLA Luncheon – Retail Bankruptcies – Auctions, Leases & Intellectual Property (Sports Authority - The Great Debate over Leases and Consignment Goods) (1 hr. General/1 hr. Business Lit.)


March 10, 2017

OCBA Professionalism Awards (1 hr. General)


March 16, 2017

CFBLA Luncheon – Bankruptcy Case Law Update (1 hr. General/1 hr. Business Lit.)


April 20, 2017

CFBLA Luncheon – Founders’ Panel – Then and Now (1 hr. General)


May 5, 2017

CFBLA 2017 Annual Seminar (6 hrs. General/ 1 hr. Ethics/6 hrs. Business Lit.)


May 5, 2017

CFBLA – State of the District 2017 (1 hr. General)


June 9, 2017

Brown Bag Lunch – Be Ahead of the Curve, New Procedures and Practice Points (1 hr. General)


June 15, 2017

CFBLA Luncheon – Involuntary Bankruptcy Petitions:  Points & Counterpoints (1 hr. General/1 hr. Business Lit.)


June 16, 2017

Ethicspalooza – Ethics Issues in Closing Arguments; Ethics Issues in Regard to Social Media; Ethics Issues in Representing Juveniles (2 hrs. Ethics/1 hr. Technology)


July 20, 2017

CFBLA Luncheon – Practice Pointers in Bankruptcy and Business Court by Judge Julie O’Kane (1 hr. General/1 hr. Business Lit.)


August 25, 2017

CFBLA Luncheon – Bankruptcy Crimes, Attorney Money Laundering (1 hr. General/1 hr. Business Lit./1 hr. Criminal Appellate Law/1 hr. Criminal Trial Law)


September 21, 2017

CFBLA Luncheon – Jevic Revisited by Jeffrey Davis (1 hr. General/1 hr. Business Lit.)


October 19, 2017

CFBLA Luncheon - Appreciation Luncheon


November 16, 2017

25th Year Anniversary Dinner


December 21, 2017

CFBLA Luncheon - Elections


January 25, 2018

CFBLA Luncheon - Husky International Electronics v. Ritz:  A Debate Over The Supreme Court’s Expansion of Sec. 523 by Jon Kane and Jeffrey Ainsworth (1 hr. General/1 hr. Business Lit./1hr. Criminal Appellate Law/1 hr. Criminal Trial Law)


February 15, 2018

CFBLA Luncheon - Personal Absolute Priority:  Identification of Symptoms of Substance Abuse and the Paths to Recovery by Scott Spradley (1 hr. General/1 hr. Substance Abuse)


March 15, 2018

CFBLA Luncheon - 2018 Bankruptcy Case Law Update by Bradley Saxton and Andrew Roy (1 hr. General)


April 19, 2018

CFBLA Luncheon – Cyber Security and Business Continuity Briefing by Jay Fowler (1 hr. General/1 hr. Technology/1 hr. Business Lit.)


May 17, 2018

CFBA 26th Annual Seminar and State of the District (6 hrs. General/1 hr. Ethics/6 hrs. Business Lit.)



The Great Debates:  Do Till and the “Formula” Approach Still Control Cramdown Interest Rates in Chapter 11 by Elizabeth Green and Jason Johnson; Student loans in Chapter 13 – Navigating treatment and repayment options of federal and private loans by Lewis Roberts



Hot Topics in the Consumer Bankruptcy Arena:  Recent case law and topics affecting consumer bankruptcy practitioners in Central Florida by Lori Patton and L. Todd Budgen



Key Developments in Business Bankruptcy Cases: Recent case law affecting business bankruptcy practitioners in the Eleventh Circuit by Bradley Saxton and C. Andrew Roy



State of the District by Hon. Michael Williamson (1 hr. General)



Protecting Client Confidences:  Ethical obligations and best data security practices by Nicolette Vilmos



Tangled in a Preference:  Strategies for All Stages of Preference Actions by Ryan Davis, David Samole, Wendy Cramer Townsend and Samuel Zusmann



E-Discovery & Bankruptcy:  What You Need to Know by Adam Losey, Daniel Fogarty and James Timko (1 hr. General/1 hr. Technology)



Judges Panel – Florida Bankruptcy Judges discuss and encourage debate on key developments affecting consumer and business bankruptcy practice in Florida by Scott Shuker, Hon. Cynthia Jackson, Hon. Paul Glenn, Hon. Michael Williamson


June 21, 2018

CFBLA Luncheon – After the Bench, Lessons and Observations by Judge K. Rodney May (1 hr. General)







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