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Initially Issued Summons in Adversary Proceedings

From the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida:

For many years, the Court has utilized an automated process to issue the initial summons in Adversary Proceedings. That process caused an html formatted summons to be issued immediately upon the filing of a complaint. The Court is making a change to the automated process. Beginning Tuesday, September 8, 2015, the automated process for issuing the summons will be delayed until the Clerk's Office staff has reviewed the complaint entry and party information for accuracy. In most instances, that review occurs either the day after the filing of the complaint or within a couple of days. The Clerk's Office will make every effort to process these expeditiously and request that you wait three business days before contacting our office for an unissued summons. This change is being made to reduce the need for requested alias summonses due to data entry errors that occurred during initial filing of the Adversary Proceeding.

Under this new process, the summons will be in a pdf format and will be attached to the document number assigned to the summons entry rather than through a link within the summons entry.

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